Posted by: theNuetzels | March 27, 2006

Purity Rocks

This past weekend I was blessed by the high school purity retreat that I was privelaged to help out at. We call it Men of Honor, Women of Purity and spend the weekend telling high schoolers about how God has created us to live. The guys sessions delve into John Eldridge’s Wild at Heart line of thinking, saying that there are three parts to a man’s heart:
A Battle to Fight
An Adventure to Live
A Beauty to Rescue

What is cool to me is that God has created guys to love girls, and girls to love guys. But ultimately these lead to all of us realizing that the other will not satisfy us. In Don Miller’s ‘Blue Like Jazz’ he talks of a play he wrote and a man talking to his wife. The man is trying to understand why God has allowed him to love his wife and he is working on what this love for his wife shows him about his relationship to God. Basically the point is that God wants us to love him. We get practice in our relationships with everyone else. Ultimately the closest experience that we can have to knowing someone is a committed marriage relationship. This relationship still fails in comparison to the agape love that God has for us and desires of us. The symbol of the church as the bride of Christ becomes more understandable when we realize what the love is like in marriage.

It was a great weekend. I got to hear and hopefully speak lots of truth into the lives of some pretty cool high school guys. We got to mess around and have good ole “Wild at Heart Time.” We also learned about guys, girls, and ultimately more about God.



  1. Andy, Thanks for sharing that. Great truth there. So much we can learn through the committed relationship of marriage (me- 20 years) towards what our relationship with God is to be. And good to hear of the good time you had with the youth.Thanks again.

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