Posted by: theNuetzels | April 3, 2006


Its been a long weekend. I have spent the past couple months trying to discern God’s call on my life. That alone sounds hilarious, to think that in a few months I could understand all that God has done and wants to do in and through me. Well anyways the plan for the past two and a half years was to get a degree in Physics and use this to get into highschool teaching. I have always loved working with youth and over the past two and a half years thats been thru our middle school church youth group. I recently got accepted to the Transitition to Teaching Program thru IUPUI, and recieved a scholarship that would pay for the whole thing; provided I taught two years in the urban environment. I have no qualms with the inner city, in reality I might enjoy it more. The problem is that I am almost to the point of hating college right now. The physics have not been kind to me. I am pretty burned out.
So I have been talking to people, lots of people about my decision. According to Ben Ruyack I do not have to love teaching to be a teacher. Jacqui Sheehan agrees with this comment, provided that the teaching is for middle school. To be a good high school teacher one must love both kids and their subject. I know I love working with kids, yet I can’t say that I love teaching.
So where do I go. I have been contemplating being a youth pastor for quite awhile as well. I love ministering to kids and feel like this might be where my giftings line up as well. The only problem is that I do not have any job prospects lined up (if you know of any in Cental Indiana please tell me.) This has lead me to a major step of faith.
For three of the past 4 weeks I have been attending the services at the Church at Stones Crossing. The sermons seemed to be custom tailored to me. Yesterday’s sermon was again on fear. This time the fear had to do with very large decisions (or armies in Jehosophaet’s case). The scripture was 2 Chron. 20:1-30. In the text the kingdom is about to be overun by 3 other groups. The king turns to God for answers. He also has all the subjects seek God with him. The pastor pointed out four things to do when facing a huge decision.
1) Worship. The point is to get your attention on the only constant in your life, God. Review the past and how God has delievered you before. Get the proper perspective. For me this came thru journaling and worship and trying to live obediently over the past couple months.
2) Wait. Sit in front of God. Just shut up so that he can speak. Be still and know he is God. Again for me this was a long waiting process where I have been trying to wait on him.
3) Walk. For the kingdom of Judah this meant walking into battle praising God, with the “Men’s Glee Club” in front of the army. Sometimes God calls us to do sorta strange things, generally I think so that we can recognize that it wasn’t thru our own strenght that God moved. After we wait, God will give us a few steps of obedience to live out and will see if were willing to follow. For me this means turning down what seems to be (from the world’s perspective) a golden opportunity and a certain job.
4) Watch. Just sit back (walking in obedience of course) and watch to see what God will do for you. He destroyed Judah’s enemies. He is a strong God whose arm can save easily. Just look to see God move. For me this is right now. I am watching for you God, please show your awesome providence and power.
This leads me to now. I am open to God’s movement in my life. Its utterly terrifying yet also sweet because I feel so alive. I likey.


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