Posted by: theNuetzels | April 5, 2006

When ethics crashes into love

I am starting to write an essay that is to connect “the ideas of Just Laws, Human Rights, and personal thinking/ attitudes regarding both numerical and power minorities,” where I need to take a stand on the issue. First off, I have no clue as to what this means. We have been discussing what makes a society just and rights in my intro to philosophy class over the past weeks. The problem I have is that my state school is so stinkin secularized that they believe they cannot attempt to make a stand on any thing at all. I had to write an essay concerning what IUPUI has taught me about ethics earlier this semester and all that I have learned from this school so far is that plagarism is bad. Seriously its crazy that we talk about what just is yet cannot ever say anything definitive or useful. We just talk, and talk, and talk. I am less and less convinced that just discussing justice will ever make anything better.

That is why I think as Christians, who have the Maker of Justice, need to be out in the world trying to save this dying planet. I love Jesus. I love my Christian friends and my nice oversized Church. I love my Bible studies, youth groups, small groups, and worship services. God says what gain is it for you to love the things/people that love you. Do I love the people in the world. Do I love the sick, dying, captive, masses. I want to say yes. I want to tell people that I do. But then I am in the same problem that my philosophy class is in. Its just words. The only words that have ever held any power in my life come from my Bible, and those words tell me that my actions need to back up my words. What about you? Do you love your bible study more than the homeless downtown. Do you love your youth group or small group more than the millions dying from AIDS in Africa. Do you love your large church building more than the thousands of kids sold into sexual slavery in the East? I think God’s message to me is that for me to love him, I need to show my love them.



  1. welcome to the blog world. Happy blogging!

  2. Andy, God’s love is certainly different than our ramblings about ethics. And for us to enter that love requires a radical bent and move towards what you’re talking about. I think this is a major reason why so much of our Christianity is so “high and dry” with little life in it. Are we doing what God has called us to do, in Jesus? Thanks.

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