Posted by: theNuetzels | April 11, 2006

Double Digits

I once remember reading about a boy who was turning ten years old. His mom told him that this was a very special birthday. It is not every year you get to add a whole decimal position to your age. The first is 1 year, then you wait 9 years to get to 2 digits, and then you have to wait 90 years until you get to have that third digit. Well as I am remembering, I made the decision to be a Christian in my 7th grade year at Southport Middle School. That was about a week before Easter. I had told myself that I ought to wait until Easter and then it’d be REALLY special. But thankfully the Spirit reminded my young mind that I could die before then. So at 13 years old, a week before Easter I went into talk to Mr. Miller who I knew from Campus Life. I told him what was up and then we prayed and I accepted Jesus into my heart.

(although these days I don’t exactly know what to think about it.. Did I accept him… or did he accept me… or was it just the first step on my own will to follow God’s will… was I really saved… did I/do I still have salvation that has to be worked out…)

Regardless of whether salvation is a moment, or if its lifelong, that was the start of me actually thinking of myself as a Christian. I have screwed up much in the following ten years but its been good. I can’t really describe it. Of all the stuff that has happened from 13 to 23, it’s hard to say, other than God’s been good. Wow, I love being reminded of why I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks Mr. Miller. Thanks all of you people sowing seed and more seed before and since Mr. Miller. Thanks Jesus. Peace out Homies.



  1. Andy, I finally made it here. It’s really cool! I like your thoughts! I hope you’re having an awesome day today! Much love and God bless!

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