Posted by: theNuetzels | April 25, 2006

Theology and its point

I have not been writing lately and I must apologize to all of my loyal fanbase (Tori and Ben you know who you are.) Instead of inserting my own thoughts lately I have been doing a lot more reading of the Jesus Creed Blog. Its great because smart theologians and whatnot converse on there about all kinds of interesting stuff. Very academic at times. Well lately they have been looking at the issue of Atonement. This is a nice big word that we generally say is to cover something up. What I am learning is that it is important to get definitions right because they in turn can influence action. What I mean is this.

If we define sin as something small, such as a personal offense to God, then it is possible that we likely define atonement in some similar small terms, such as the payment for the personal offense to God. If people only think of sin as a personal thing that they did, instead of a part of their nature and all else that is entailed in sin, then the definition of atonement is reduced. When we have a reduced idea of who Jesus was and what he did to transform, change, make new, renew, revive, restore, make whole, enable, empower, liberate us, then we dont live out the life we are called to (sorta like John Eldridge/Rob Bell/ lots of others reminding us of how our heart (once saved) is good.) When people don’t understand (possibly through our teaching) all that Jesus did, then they don’t recieve all that he has for them (freedom, holy living, etc.)

It is interesting for me to see ‘theology in action,’ as I am calling it. I sometimes think that people are too academic and worry too much about how to define what the Christian life is that they don’t actually go and experience it (as some possibly do). The point of theology (in my opinion) is to give us a full robust view/knowledge of who God is and how he wants us to live so that our lives reflect his glory and that we actually live out that greatness he wants for us. Hopefully I did some justice to the enlightning thoughts being discussed on Jesus Creed and the discussion on Atonement / Penal Substitution that they are talking about.

Other concerns – Why don’t I pray more. I hate how little I pray. I have been hearing/thinking more and more about having daily set times of prayer (such as maybe following the Book of Common Prayer or something) yet I haven’t done it. I actually keep telling myself that I’ll do it soon, yet I always put it off. Well not today. I am going to go pray now. Be blessed all you faithful who read this.



  1. Andy. Thanks for your good thoughts. Yes, that discussion on Jesus Creed has been good. I think it challenges us as we read Scripture, to see the greatness of the scope of the atonement. I often find that my reading of Scripture illuminates that discussion for me, and also the teaching and sharing of scholars and pastors can bring better understanding and illumination to my reading of Scripture.I look forward to reading Scot McKnight’s new book on prayer. I like a balance of liturgy (which I’m deficient in) and the “charismatic” or spontaneous that we all have as Christians (Holy Spirit indwelled ones) (1 Corinthians 14).Blessings,Ted

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