Posted by: theNuetzels | May 9, 2006

Almost Home

I was looking online today and I noticed a little something on my IUPUI account. Time is almost up for the turning in of grades, and I noticed that I got some of mine. Now I had been a little scared, (actually deathly afraid is more like it) of my thermodynamics class. I am in my last semester and have to take Thermodynamics for my physics major and I don’t exactly comprehend it all. But according to the grades today I had a B-. That means I pass. I have passed all of my physics classes with what I need to get in them except for my research class which I am working on now. It is good. I am almost there. When I finish my research I will probably cry and wet myself and jump for joy and sing and dance and wet myself again. It will be a good day.
But until that day I feel like little Frodo Baggins, carrying the ring of power up the last mountain. Its just such a heavy weight, a weight that makes me forget the shire, forget sunshine, and strawberries and flowers and all that is good in this world. Almost there and then after I finish this project I will toss that ring into the fiery furnace of Mt Dune. More on this when I finish and I will be able to explain so that it doesn’t sound so strange. Until that day…


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