Posted by: theNuetzels | May 12, 2006

Wonders of Wonders

Relevant TV is just about the most wonderful / horrific website in the world. Go to and then check out the TV launcher. It plays a whole bunch of different songs and music videos. Warning (horrific part) : can be addictive and draw you in if you try to watch. It helped me to waste most of yesterday. But Today the day was mine. I put the vidoes on but didn’t watch, just listened to them. I had been addicted to for a time because it allows me to listen to 4-5 of his songs on repeat. I just like to have music in the background. Back to the title. I would say that the internet is a wonderous thing. Note that I did not say wonderful. Just wonderous. Yes, there is so much cool stuff (blogs, podcasts,, and any other thing under the sun that could be interesting) yet at the time there is so much filth (including anything under the sun that isn’t so uplifting… even my stinking Yahoo mail has ads that are scandal-los). I also am not sure of the long term benefits of the constant info flowing in and out of my head while its glued to this screen. Yes I think there could be benefits (reaction time, ability to process different things at once) but what are the downsides? Any comments would be helpful.

In other news I think that I majorly whipped up on my research project this afternoon. I think the music helped, unlike yesterday. Well its been fun but now I get to go hang out with Jesus. I wonder how the constant noise makes him feel?


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