Posted by: theNuetzels | June 30, 2006

The Life and Times….

of andy nuetzel…

To my many adoring fans, (tori) I must apologize for never ever updating this slice of my life. So to the rest of the world that cares to listen in on my thoughts here’s whats going on in my life.

1. Finished my 490 Research project on Wednesday. I am unofficially a college gradeate. Yippie Yea. I got a B in the class which I was told I earned. I’d much rather have that earned B than any other unearned grade. Thank you Jesus for helping me through this entire process. You rock. Lets move on.

2. In a stunning blow to my anticipated future I found out that God doesn’t want me to be a Youth Pastor at New Castle First Baptist Church. I never actually had the job, however, I did pretty much fall in love with it. I don’t know exactly why or what it was that made me like that church and its people so much but it was a real heartbreak. I had spent around two months getting to know this church and it was a real refreshing place to visit. They have an awesome group of adults who love and care for them and are wanting to glorify God by ministering to their teens. I was gettin pysched because I wanted to be a part of it. I pray for this church and their new youth pastor. May he be what they need to continue to make disciples.
I also had an interview with another church roughly 10 min. after finding out about this job. (Which wasn’t ideal) God is good and the pastor that I talked to is cool and nice and understanding.
I just want to be near to God. As I traveled on the country roads of mid-central Indiana I got to sing and praise the God of all. He is such a good God. He loves me more than I can wrap my head around. It was a time of healing, honesty, and straight up rocking worship with my two car mates, Mr. Shane, and Mr. Shane. (Aka shane and shane). We all three worshipped God, poured our hearts out and set ourselves on the Altar of His Will. It was hard, yet good. God is always Good and I like to recognize that and tell myself that.
All in all yesterday was one of the best days that I’ve probably had in 9-12 months. Not because I got one of my heart’s great desires taken from me but because I connected and hung out with my hearts greatest desire. What more can I say than God is sooooooo good.

3. I am re-evaluating my search for a youth pastor position. Anyone know a church that I want to be at? If you do please comment on it. I am open to God’s call. Plus I know, thru yesterday, that God so reaffirmed my calling.

4. I am trying to re-consilidate my school loans and have less than 5 hours for this stupid internet thingy to work. Did you know that they now have the internet on computers? Well I’ll be…



  1. I heard there’s this amazing church in Orlando looking for good youth pastors. I even heard there’s a married couple willing to let enquiring youth pastors stay at their home in Winter Park for free. I also heard there’s an amazing seminary in Orlando should a working youth pastor ever wish to complete a tuition-reimbursed seminary program.

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