Posted by: theNuetzels | July 13, 2006

What is the Gospel (Part 1)

This is a post that I really want to look at, and in fact I am going to get started on it tonight, knowing that I haven’t any chance of finishing what I want to talk about.

In a bible study I have been attending the past couple of weeks we are trying to learn how to read the Bible. Its funny, because I’ve known how to read for around 16-18 years, yet only a very small fraction of that time have I been able to read the Bible correctly (if I can even do that I am still wondering)

How often do I read my bible because I am supposed to. Or as if it’s something on a list that I want to check off. Or maybe I read so that I can be inspired. Maybe I sometimes read the bible so that I come off as much smarter, so that I can recite the line of succession of the kings of Babylon as some cheap party trick or something. Maybe I read the bible so that I feel good at night.

All of these reasons are very wrong. The Bible is the story of God revealing himself to people thru relationships and it is written by those people who knew God. The point of this book is a means by which the God of the Universe decided to reveal himself to us. This is part 1 of the Gospel, that God has chosen to reveal himself. That is a miracle in and of itself that we don’t deserve, and are supremely blessed. The good news part 1 is that God wants us to know him.

And unfortunately that is all the time I have. I knew that I was going to be upset with this post. Don’t worry all, more gospel will come (probably not until next Monday though, my deepest apologies.)


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