Posted by: theNuetzels | July 20, 2006

What is the Gospel (Part 2)

The much anticipated part 2.

This post is the ‘What is the Gospel Part 2’. Part one of the Gospel is that there is a God who wants to reveal himself to us. The part that I left out is the character of who this God is. Who would want to meet a malicious god, especially if that god were not the One True God. In addition to God wanting to reveal himself to us is that he is the God who made us, for good, for our own good, and this God loves us. So part 1 in its (more) entirety is that the God, who loves us, made us, and wants to know us, is revealing himself to us.

So what is part 2 of the ‘Good’ news. This part is a little more strange, and doesn’t actually sound like good news, because its not. The bad part of the good news is that we are not good. Human beings are no longer good. God created us with two main characteristics. The first is that we are made in the image of God, (which means we were made good). But the second characteristic or quality is that we also have the ability to choose. God loved us and gave us the power of free will.1 The problem is that the first two humans made a choice to disobey God, to sin. This sin or disobediance caused a separation between humans and God. We can no longer stand in his gracious prescence no more.

Part two of the good news is that we are not really good at all and we are all in danger of being eternally separated from our God who created us and reveals himself to us.

And what better way to end a brief note on good news than to tell you that you’re not good and are deserving of eternal separation. Well, I am afraid that is where this post is going to leave you. I will update this post after tomorrow with the best of good news that is so worth hearing. So don’t go dying on me…



  1. Even though I know what the best of the good news is I still can’t take the suspense of waiting to hear it in your own words. Stop leaving us hanging and make the post already! 🙂

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