Posted by: theNuetzels | September 14, 2006

So it’s obviously been a

So it’s obviously been a long time since I blogged like normal, so I am gonna give a quick update on my life.

1. I started at FedEx this week (well at least the physically demanding part started this week). Its not too bad yet. I have a not too hard job if I am just pushing, (push packages down a slide). Its more difficult if they have me be a checker because then I have to check in the packages and load/stack/toss them into position before they go on a plane. I am hopefully going to get to be a tug driver (picture a mini train with me driving minus the cute engineer hat). But yes Fedex is officially started and I am working hard there.

2. Murphy’s Landing is about to start the regular scheduled youth ministry. I am super psyched because we’ve been having fun events and getting to know one another but this week we will throw God into that mix so much more. We are starting a new series called the X-files, where we will be looking into what is really Real. It should prove interesting and exciting. This week we look at the meaning of life and the next week we start to look at who God is. I am also excited about our Bible study that will be starting next Tues. Good times in the book of John.

3. I still love Wednesday night Bible study. Greg Manship is the Man at leading a thought provoking discussion. His one flaw is he’s still not saying enough controversial stuff. He can play the devil’s advocate pretty good, and would probably frighten many blue haired conservative Evangelicals but us po-mo’s want more Greg. Bring it on.

4. I still love the pleasure and honor of getting to know the wonderful and beautiful Victoria Pitsch. Hi there Beautiful. We had a great weekend hanging out with her family over Labor Day. You can check it out at any of their sites.

5. My alarm just went off so I gotsta go. Peace out Homeskillet.



  1. Wow! You were up early! It was fun helping out in your youth ministry Sunday night and watching you speak truth to the kids as well as play games. God’s got you right where he wants you and I’m happy I get to watch! 🙂

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