Posted by: theNuetzels | October 9, 2006

Hey there peoples. I haven’t

Hey there peoples. I haven’t blogged in awhile because I’ve been kinda busy lately.

So what might I have been doing that’s kept me from bloggin. Well I have been working at the wonderful FedEx and that is not the most greatest place ever. I have been working there for just about a month now and it is getting to become normal and repetitive. I go in, stretch, push boxes, then stack. Wooo fun.

Actually its not a bad job its pretty good (when I get benefits) except that it takes a little too long. If I could do it for like two hours a day, Mon-Fri in the morning, 7-9ish. I would be ecstatic. The big deal is that it takes so much of the day (5-6 hrs a day in the prime of the day).

In other news the Youth Pastor Job is going pretty good. This week we talked about God’s Control / Free Will, and it went great. We also had some sweet Frisbee games. On Tuesday we went over John 3 and that also went well. David Riggleman made a great point about the distinguishment between the Spirit and spirit (vs 6). We also linked the Spirit that gives birth to spirit to Psalm 104:30, where God sends forth his Spirit and they shall be created. It was a cool night.

This week we have Bible study again, (John 4), and Christian Life Training Sunday morning, and then X-Files on Sunday night. Should be good times.

Today is actually my day off and I am going to get some things done and just relax. Last week on my day off I bought a couple of movies, including X-men and then got sucked into the whole trilogy that threw my week off. It got me wondering why do I sometime try to escape reality with movies or video games, or whatever else. I mean I KNOW that my life is really REAL when I am connected to Christ, but I get desires randomly to try escapism…. I wonder… Well thats it, so I should go know.



  1. The picture of the FedEx planes is cool, is that what you get to look down on all day while you work? Do you whistle while you work?

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