Posted by: theNuetzels | October 10, 2006

Super Computer

Hey there all you computer nerds (myself, and probably Ethan). I recently got a computer for work at CCML. and its AMAZING. I am really blessed to have a good computer to work from. I have a Compaq with 3.5 GHz processor and 150ish GB of space. To all you non-computer geeks, that means I can do stuff fast, and hold all the stuff I’d ever need. I also will have the ability to connect up to a TV for cool powerpoint lyrics stuff straight in the youth room. Although with my huge ole 17″ monitor I almost have the same size on the TV screen. I also have a DVD/CD burner that is supposedly sweet (now with lightscribe technology). Also Pastor Paul and I figured out how to connect to the internet at the same time so we can do lots of cool stuff, and I can keep this site more updated (with much more Youth Ministry Content to follow..) Thats all now. See ya’ll sooner.


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