Posted by: theNuetzels | December 1, 2006


So I am learning about Communicating. It sort of goes with the whole getting married, pre-marriage counseling thing. I like it. I am also talking about communication this week at youth group. I am going to try to figure out what it means to communicate with God, and share this with the youth. It’s interesting and funny how something can be so easy, but get screwed up so quickly. Say for example that I have a cool thought flow thru my brain. Then I want to share this with Tori. Now I have to express this thought (which in my head seems like a series of words with associated meanings) and so I say what those words are. But when they are transmitted from my head, thru my mouth, into Tori’s ear, into her head, those same words that had some meaning or thought behind them, can be changed into another meaning in her head. Thats odd and funny, frustrating and interesting. So the solution to mixed messages, is to be a better communicator which means getting to know the way the other person thinks. The act of communicating is the act of trying to figure out how to express yourself in a way that the person can understand. That’s really fascinating, and also pretty new to me. It also requires patience and practice. (wow this youth group meeting is getting better at all times). The funny thing about communication is that its principles don’t change. The same way that I have to know Tori to express my thoughts so that she can understand is true with God. The more that we know one another and are around one another the better we can communicate.

Cool stuff. Makes this whole postmodern thingy of language as reality interesting as well…. Thats all for today… be blessed and sorry that I never seem to update.


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