Posted by: theNuetzels | January 11, 2007

The Belated Holidays

There are three amazing excuses for which I will explain why I haven’t blogged.

1. My pictures are too big for blogger. (anyone have good picture editing software? I’d love something simple and cheap)
2. I am far too busy to post. But I will do it anyways.
3. I hate the new blogger (stupid Google has to ruin everything) although it actually just worked perfectly.
Here’s some pictures.

This is my little Brother with his favorite Christmas gift. It’s a wonderful little deer call that sounds like a rather large man with a belching problem. He did it the whole morning as it was the first gift he opened up.

Here is the wonderful Tori with the newest addition to the Hunsucker Family. My Cousin Eddie and his wife Anne, have an adorable baby, Mary. She is absolutely beautiful and this picture is a small way for me to ask my cousin Ed for forgiveness. He was maybe the last person on Earth to know about me and Tori’s engagement. He still hasn’t forgiven me yet.

This is an amazing picture of some of the fun we had while shooting off fireworks at 11pm on Christmas Eve. It’s a new Pitsch family tradition, and maybe one of the greatest, as me and the guys get to shoot off explosives and make loud noises. Me likey…

Here’s the family playing one of the new games that Andy and Nancy got everyone. This one is called “Don’t Fence Me In” (according to me) and the object is for me to always beat Nate Dogg. It only works sometimes.

Here is my lovely fiance and me standing in front of the circle downtown after eating extravagantly with a night downtown courtesy of our friends Scott and Maureen Watson.

This last picture is why my soon to be father-in-law should never be able to tell me to get a haircut. (although I doubt he would anyways.)


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