Posted by: theNuetzels | May 10, 2007

The House

Well we’ve been busy getting the house fixed up lately and we got some photos that we’d like to show.  It started with the floor.  We began working on the floor roughly 4 weeks ago, and have been working on it for quite awhile.  The floor is now finished, but here’s some pictures of the process. 





We also worked in the bathroom.  We had to fix the toilet, which leaked from the base when the water was on, and from the shut-off valve when the water was off…  So we took it apart.



Then on top of that the shower has been leaking for awhile, so we used a little plumbers’ tape and sealed it up so it only drips a little bit…


The last part is our favorite.  We know have the floor done.  We also have decided and made our latest big home purchase.  We used a lot of the money that we received from our wedding to buy our first (and only) kitchen table.  We have been wanting to have a table that could fit our family around it (or extended family) but could shorten as well.  We wanted a table that would last for a long time, because we want it to be given to one of our grandchildren when they get married.  We also wanted this table to be the center of our home, where our love is recognized, extended and shared with friends, family, and even strangers.  We want to have this table be a place of welcoming, encouragement, and love.  So we recently got a table from the Simply Amish furniture.  All of their furniture is custom built for you by some Amish carpentry shop somewhere in the Midwest.  Our table, was actually on clearance (which is another reason we knew it was custom made for us) and had been in the showroom for awhile.  Well here it is.




They only had two chairs on clearance, so we are now going to be receiving the new ones in about a month or two, once our little Amish worker gets them done.  So that’s whats been going on up in here.



  1. You two are seriously impressive! 🙂

  2. I love your “new” kitchen & table! It’s so cute~

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