Posted by: theNuetzels | June 7, 2007


A little late, and I apologize.  What is worship.  What is it’s purpose?  The youth ministry completed Eugene Peterson’s look at Revelation, and I feel like it was great for me (and hopefully the youth) to read his ideas concerning it.  I am actually going to be preaching concerning this topic in 2 or so weeks for the whole congregation.  Its pretty exciting as this is the first time in my life that I am able to give a sermon for a congregation.  I just don’t know why I decided to choose something so obscure and difficult to interpret as Revelation 4,5 and 22!  Well I guess its not something that I choose myself, but is something I feel God could use to speak to the church body.

Well here is a sneak (very sneak) peek into my first main point.  Worship is when we give ourselves up to something.  We can worship all kinds of things: God, ourselves, American Idol, money or whatever.  Of all these things that we can worship, only one of them is good for us, (God – duh).  Whenever we worship God correctly, we are bringing ourselves to him to get sorted out, to get fixed, and to get centered around Him.  Good worship allows us to be rightened in our perspective, allowing us to see God back in the center of our lives, and centered in Heaven and Earth.  God is always at the center, it’s just that we get our focus misaligned at times.  When we worship, we get to bring back everything into proper perspective.

One question that I wonder about is this: Who is worship for?  Is worship about me getting myself rightened, cleaned off, rested up, and focused on God, or is it for God, so that he can feel the pleasure of having his creation giving him praise.  I think that is both.  God deserves praise, and he is worthy.  But if I am not picked up, and centering my thoughts on giving myself to him, then it is not true worship, but just an imitation before God.  (And God would rather a have a right heart than a right sacrifice… just ask Saul)

I have been thinking about the singing, praising kind of worship here, but I know that worship is much bigger and larger than this type.  Worship is a whole life thing, where we put our lives into his use.

Well I am running low on time, and now I got to go do some worshipping of God at Fedex.  Pray that my attitude is God-glorifying. 

Be Blessed by the Great I AM, and spend yourself in worship of him.


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