Posted by: theNuetzels | June 14, 2007

Memorial Weekend and more!


Family.  Amazing how one word can bring about so many emotions, memories and warmth.  Here is my family on Memorial Weekend Sunday afternoon following my ‘baby’ sister, Whitney’s high school graduation.  We all made it home for the occasion including my grandparents!   


My best friend Johnna and me with her beautiful daugher, Madie hanging out at Whitney’s graduation party.


Andy accepted the challenge of doing (trying) a toe-touch on the trampoline…


My dad’s band even set up in the garage and entertained everyone at the graduation party.  Notice the faces of all four guys you can see – they’re all smiling.  They love what they’re doing and people love their music!  Way to go dad! We had a wonderful weekend back in Illinois for Memorial Weekend and cherish the times we are able to all be together as a family.



  1. Tori: Could you email me your pics from this weekend? We don’t have any and I’d love some.

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