Posted by: theNuetzels | June 26, 2007

Youth Sunday

This past Sunday was the second Youth Sunday that the youth have put on for our church.  The Youth lead the whole worship service, by leading in praise, taking the offering, sharing testimonies (sometimes), praying, and explaining songs.  This was also the first time that I have ever been able to preach a sermon to the whole congregation.  With Pastors Paul and Ron away, we took the opportunity to switch things up on our congregants.  Here’s a few of the things, and the kids who put it on.

This is a view of how the stage and chairs normally look. 


This is how we set up for our Sunday.



We talked about Revelation 4, and the Throne of God.  I took the opportunity to explain what some of the symbols could possibly mean.  We tried to get the context of the letter, and I think it helped the church to be more real and open in their worship.  It was really cool for me to do and share (even if I stole some stuff from Eugene Peterson and his book, Reversed Thunder.)  I have it recorded, however the sound quality is sorta bad, and it has this nice whine throughout it (which amazingly isn’t my nasely voice.)  I may post it up here if anybody comments and wants it.

Evan on lead acoustic,


Shelby on the Bass,


Will on the drums,


The singers, (Brittany, Kyle, Samantha, Abbey; Bethany-not pictured)


Sam, our Slide Guy,


and David, the Sound Man,




  1. Wow that set up looks awesome. We were thinking about you this past Sunday and it sounds like things went really well! 🙂

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