Posted by: theNuetzels | September 6, 2007

Big Purchases

This week we recieved our 2 newest family purchases.  The first came from Dell, our new Dell D830 Latitude notebook.  I’ve been tinkering around and updating all of the stuff that we have and need, and so far it’s going pretty well.  Here’s the Dell picture. 


In other news, I started my new other part-time job as a substitue this week.  I am working three days this week for my former middle school.  So far its been alright.  Tori begins training this Saturday and has been making some headway in cleaning up the house and organizing our bloated closets.  More to come layer.  Now that we have these two new big purchases we probably won’t be buying anything else for a good long while.

In other news, we found out that we didn’t file for our Homestead Tax Exemption last year and so this year we had a shortfall.  Due to silly Indiana laws, this is due on June 1st, and we found out about this last week and found out we were to late for 2008.  But thanks to ‘Our Man’ Mitch (the governor) the date was pushed back and we are set for 08.  Woo woo.  See ya.

You may notice that this post has been changed a little.  After a little more driving and investigation, we found that the Buick has some more problems than initially thought, and so it will soon be making its long trek back to Sterling where it shall enter into a covenant relationship with ‘The Dealer.’  We are still very grateful for the offer and everything, but with what is wrong we are passing on the car.  Peace out yo.


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