Posted by: theNuetzels | October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Party


Last Friday night we had the youth over for a pumpkin carving contest and fun night which included pumpkin bowling, lots of pumpkin guts and hopefully a good time had by all.  The big pumpkin on the table was pretty big and smelled awful when Andy was carving it because there was like mold in it or something – yum!  Will ended up winning the contest, he and Shelby did Veggie tale pumpkins, can you spot the tomato and the cucumber?  Enjoy the pictures:


Andy promised the kids a fire and ‘smores but since the weather didn’t cooperate we just improvised inside.


Andy was almost swallowed by this pumpkin, for the full story call him and he will share his near death experiece with you.


Here’s our pumpkins.


Here’s us – the happy harvest couple!  🙂  Andy enjoyed the pumpkin bowling so much with the youth group that this past Sunday afternoon we played with the neighbor boys – they loved it (perhaps not as much as Andy though)!



Enjoy all the festivities of the fall! tori



  1. I LOVE that you roasted marshmallows inside! And I’m glad that you’re wearing your newly acquired sweater Tor:) It looks like you guys know how to host a Fall Party.
    Love, Jenn

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