Posted by: theNuetzels | November 5, 2007

National Youth Workers Convention [part 1]

So I am sitting here on Monday, but I am going to give an update on the first 2 days of NYWC.


I arrived in St. Louis around 12 and went looking for my lunch before my 1pm seminar.  It took the whole time, because apparently St. Louis doesn’t believe in resturants, or at least not in the downtown area.  In a 10 block area there are probably 20 resturants, 80% sit-down, expensive, and such.  The three faster food places they have are Quizno’s [terribly expensive compared to Subway], Hardees, and that other place that has sub sandwiches whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten.  The lack of food has been apparent the whole weekend.

My first seminar was the Critical Concerns Course with Mike King and Jeff Johnson.  The purpose was to understand that the most important thing for our students is for us to be in God’s presence ourselves and through our rich experiences with Christ, invite them to follow along.  It was really good first session and we got to take time and spend time in God’s presence as well through the Selah Services that Jeff lead.  We learned about some spiritual practices and more importantly learned that if we are going to use these in YM it is best to know WHY we do, and WHAT they mean.   A big concern was that we need to embrace our humanness.  God created us human, Jesus came FULLY human and human isn’t necessarily bad.  Sinful is bad, but human is not.

That night I drove an hour out to Litchfield to spend time with the Lienau’s family.  They were very friendly and fun.  I got there sort of late and we watched as Regis Philben was not smarter than a 5th grader.  Afterwards Rich and Cheryl and I and Wii’d it up with some Wii Tennis.  It rocked.


The only part that didn’t rock was that I overslept the next morning and had to drive far to get back to St. Louis.  I arrived late, checked into the Holiday Inn and was late for the rest of my seminar so I went to another one instead.

The first General Session was with Duffy Robbins, David Crowder, an amazing Sand Artist guy Joe Castillo, and some others.  It was really good, and this is the basis for me now saying that I got to hang out with David Crowder for the whole day [he did two sessions]  Here’s how close I got to be, right in front of the huge bass speakers.


The first seminar I went to was Chris Folmsbee’s Living, Loving, and Leading in the Way of Jesus seminar.  It was pretty good, and we looked at the nine virtues of Jesus that we can use to become like Jesus.  This seminar was very similar to Mike Kings, but this maybe similar because it seems like they are both striving after the same things because their groups, Sonlife and Youthfront have just merged.

We had some more good worship with Crowder and Jars of Clay that night at the 2nd General session.

That night I went to the “Talking Theology with Tony Jones” session.  Tony Jones is the national coordinator of Emergent and hosted about 25 of us as we just talked about theology and how do we know stuff.  It was interesting and lead me to attend the Emerging Church super seminar the next day.

I also met my roommate that night.  I went to IUPUI and was a physics major who is now in Youth ministry.  Not too many people like that, except apparently my roommate, who is now a Physics Major at IUPUI who is now involved in Youth Minsitry.  Creepy, but he’s pretty cool.



  1. Went to check out your blog but can not read your latest entry.

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