Posted by: theNuetzels | December 17, 2007

Christmas with da Nuetzels

  It’s been awhile but as you know, life is busy.  Here’s some fun pictures of what we’ve been up to lately in getting ready for the wonderful Christmas Day that Jesus was born…

Img_2434 Here’s us taking our picture with Santa…when I was little my mom used to make these December calendars for our family and each day we’d pick off the Christmas thing to do that day.  After talking to Andy about it, we asked my mom to make one for us so when we were home for Thanksgiving she did and we’ve been taking the days off since December 1st.  Some days we do two because other days we don’t have time for them but so far these have really helped us get in the Christmas spirit.  This particular picture was taken close to 11pm one evening when we’d gone to the mall and Wal-mart looking for a Santa to no abound.  We settled for this happy little Santa at CVS.

Img_2429_3 Here’s us getting our Christmas tree a few weekends ago.  This marks our first Christmas together and the first time I went to pick out a Christmas tree without mom and dad…It felt weird and I knew I had to be responsible and look at it like my dad would: straight trunk? bare/dead spots? reasonable height for the house ceiling? I think we did a great job!  We drove to Brown County and got it just as it started raining and a light snow.  On the way back we stopped at Chicago’s Pizza and enjoyed some great pizza and talking before heading home.  Since we got it on a Saturday we woke up early to get it before the snow hit so when we got home, Andy put it on the garage to dry and we took a 2 hour nap, ahhhh we love naps!  When we woke up we brought it in and set it up and learned that sugar water is just a myth, it’s actually worse for the tree so no feeding your tree sugar water!


Here’s Andy strapping it up on our car-we were pretty creative in how we got it to stay and drove very carefully home!Img_2470

Andy went all out in putting lights up this year as it’s his first year to have his own house to do so!  The lights go up both sides of the house all the way to the back too!  Andy really wants to communicate that Christ is the light of the world and that’s why he was so pumped to put up so many lights around our house.  We also now have our Christmas tree in the front window with white lights too!  🙂


Here’s the immediate Nuetzel family as we gathered at Chris and Jessica’s to celebrate Christmas with the larger Nuetzel family two weekends ago.  The Nuetzels gained two girls into the predominately boy family as I married into the family in February and sweet little Savannah was born in July.  The raio is now even at 4:4, we’ll see what the future holds…

Img_2490 Here I am with Sarah and Savannah. Isn’t she adorable?  She even looks at the camera!  🙂Img_2492

Here’s the boys trying to act nice and normal…Img_2493

Here are the Nuetzel boys acting normal for them…what a fun family I’ve married into!  🙂

We’ll try to be better about posting but we don’t really know if anyone reads this anyway so post a comment and tell us you’re out there – you don’t have to be a typepad member to leave a comment, perhaps that would give us a bit more motivation…

God bless you everyone!   


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