Posted by: theNuetzels | December 20, 2007


Below are the rules for the 007 game…

Urgent message from the top-level of the Ministry of Defense…

It appears that there has been a mass exodus of formerly trustworthy agents who have left the Ministry and are now secretly working against us and our endeavors.  We have been combing the list of personnel and have found each of the perpetrators and are asking you to ‘silence’ them for good.  The only way to stop a major cataclysmic disaster is for the Ministry to destroy all of the defecting double agents.  Unfortunately this may lead some of the double agents to try and double cross the ministry and eliminate our real agents as well.  Unfortunately there is nothing left in the Ministry’s power to stop an all out war amongst ourselves.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to search the ranks of the Ministry’s agents for double agents.  You must eliminate your specified target within the allotted time frame, or another may eliminate you first. 

The only way to make sure that you can eliminate the threat is to shoot them with a N.E.R.F [Nuclear Emitting Radio Frequency] gun.  Once the subject has been eliminated by just a single shot from your NERF gun they will cease to be able to track down and eliminate their target.

Everyone in the Ministry will be given a target.  You must track down your target and only your target, and eliminate them.  You cannot eliminate anyone other than your target, or someone who is in the process of eliminating you.

Once you eliminate your target, or anyone attempting to eliminate you, you will be able to try and track down their target.  Through this measure we will eliminate the threat by taking out all double agents.  Unfortunately, and we realize this, it will decimate the ranks of our agents.  The Ministry has always flourished in the midst of adversity, and we will recover from this threat.

Due to complexities beyond our control it is quite possible that you will end up with only yourself to go after.  Obviously this means that you are doing well in eliminating the threat and you can request special instructions from the Ministry for a new target.

If you complete enough ‘targets’, you may be given a license to kill and eliminate targets at will.  Seek instructions from the Ministry after 4 kills.

It is extremely important that the Ministry keeps this matter disclosed.  In order for this to happen, no kills are to take place in the following places:

1)      inside someone’s house

2)      at someone’s place of work

3)      at school

4)      inside the Church              or

5)      between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

Remember, no one except the designated ministry official [Tori 506.2162] is to be trusted.


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