Posted by: theNuetzels | January 3, 2008

007 Update / Clarification

Well, today is Thursday, January 3rd and 007 officially ends at 10pm tonight.  In case you are not one of the people playing, let me explain a little.  The point of this game was for the youth and a select group of adults to play an elaborate game of tag but with Nerf guns.  The goal was for them to find their assigned person and shoot them with their Nerf gun and move onto the next person until there was only one person left.  That was the plan.

Unfortunately, I believe that only one of the 15 people were actually eliminated.  This isn’t a big deal, I just thought that this extended game had some potential behind it.  If I were in middle/high school, this game would rock.  Clearly our church is made up of too many pacifists.  [This is actually not a bad thing in my opinion.]


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