Posted by: theNuetzels | January 3, 2008

Chrismas with the Pitschs and Johnsons

Our trip to Sterling lasted from Saturday the 22nd 11pm to about 4pm on Wednesday the 26th and we had a wonderful time at my parents house.  We missed seeing Ethan and Amy but are very excited to see them when we travel down to Florida in February for our 1 year anniversary.  But back to Christmas, here are some snapshots of our time at home:

Img_2552 Here’s the gang at church on Christmas Eve for the candlelight service.  I have so many wonderful memories of this service growing up and it seemed like when I was little it always snowed while we were at this service and we’d drive home in the snow and get all excited for Christmas morning.  It’s classic to have special music of ‘O Holy Night’ and that was missing this year but we still had the traditional Silent Night as we shared the light of Christ with everyone. Priceless.

Img_2520 Backtracking a little bit…Sunday afternoon we had the Johnson family Christmas gathering and it was so much fun to see Grandma and Granpa as well as the Henke family.  Due to crazy winds and it being very icey on the road Bruce, Deb and Amy weren’t able to make it.  Here’s Aunt Brenda, Grandma and mom.


Here’s Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.  What an amazing pair – they’ve been married forever and they still are so cute and happy together.  Andy and I hope to be like them someday!


Whitney tearing up in ping-pong all day long because Ethan wasn’t there to shut her down, that is, if he could…


Jen, tearing up in the cookie eating contest all day long, except there really wasn’t a contest.  Again, Ethan wasn’t there to stop her and none of us had to the guts to tell her no…


Andy and Nate enjoy sharing in the winnings all day long playing the mind challenge games because Ethan wasn’t there to beat them.  They didn’t mind so much that Ethan wasn’t there…


Andy and I on Christmas Eve taking our ‘nice’ picture for Christmas after church while we’re still dressed up.


Nate and Jennifer taking their ‘nice’ picture as well!  🙂


Attempted reinactment of one of the greatest family vacation pictures ever for the Pitsch’s in Philly in what, 2001? Good times…

Christmas morning mixing things up and opening up our new stockings that Grandma made for us at the kitchen table.


Andy and Jennifer enjoying the new stockings.


Aw yes, enjoying the infamous Christmas coffee cake! 


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