Posted by: theNuetzels | January 3, 2008

Christmas with Nuetzels & Hunsuckers

Andy and I enjoyed our first Christmas as a married couple and would love to share some pictures and events that took place over the holidays.

Img_2502 Here’s Grandma Jane and baby Savannah as the immediate Nuetzel family gathered at Al and Jane’s the Saturday before Christmas to open presents and eat Jane’s amazing biscuits and gravy and egg casserole for brunch.  It was fun to be together with Andy’s family and I think the wrapping paper fight might end as one of Jane’s glass ornamanets got broken this year in the midst of the wrapping paper flying towards the Christmas tree.  We’ll find out next year if it’s still a go or not.

Img_2509 Al’s birthday is December 23 and since we weren’t going to be there to help celebrate we thought we’d surprise him and decorate his bathroom and put his present on the toilet just to have some fun with him.  The shower was also filled up with about 30 balloons.  We waiting until Al and Jane left for the Hunsucker Christmas gathering that we were all going to and then went back to their house to complete our mission.  It was fun to surprise him and let him know that we remembered and were happy for his birthday celebration.  What killed us is he didn’t even notice it until he went to bed that night around 11pm or so and the whole time we were driving back to Sterling we were waiting for them to call and hear his reaction.  He loved it when he finally saw it!

Img_2517 Speaking of the gathering with Jane’s family here’s cousin Eddie with Andy.  Andy wanted to show off his wonderful facial hair as Eddie just started growing his out recently and is a little bit behind.  We’ll have to compare again next time we see him.




  1. It was so good to see you guys over Christmas!!!! Thanks for posting all your good pics as I was pretty lazy this year in the picture taking arena. Love you guys 🙂

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