Posted by: theNuetzels | February 26, 2008

One year anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s already been one year that we’ve been married. We were able to celebrate by driving down to Orlando Florida to stay with my brother and his wife (who is expecting this July!) and just enjoy their company. We left Thursday morning at 6am but due to frozen roads, Atlanta traffic and ramp closures the expected 15 hours took us 19 which got us to their house a little after midnight. I fell asleep seeing the white lines of the road flashing by me. Friday and Saturday were spent sleeping in, hanging out in the beautiful and perfect sunny weather, visiting Ethan’s expanding office and basically just living life with them. They are such amazing people that we look up to and respect so much that it was a pure blessing to just be able to spend time with them and enjoy their company. I hadn’t been down to visit since their wedding (2 and 1/2 years ago) and Andy had never been down before. Sunday we were able to worship with them at their church where we got to see Amy sing in the praise band and hear an inspiring message from Mark 2:4-5 and be challenged as to whose pallet we are carrying and also reflect on who carried or is carrying our pallet. Afterwards we had lunch with them and some friends then hit the road again but this time we broke it up and stopped south of Atlanta. For our anniversary we went out to Longhorn and got amazing food and they even sang a song to us and gave us free ice cream. We brought along our wedding ceremony DVD and watched it that night and re-did our vows and of course shed a few tears (ok, just me). I feel absolutely blessed to be married to my best friend and know that he is a gift from God to many people, especially me. Enjoy the following pictures of our adventure to Florida:


Leaving EARLY Thursday morning.


Hanging out for 2 hours in Bowling Green Kentucky b/c the roads were frozen solid and a semi slidImg_2891 backwards and jack-knifed blocking 2 lanes of traffic…

Still hanging out…


Finally there we’re just chilling and rented American Gangsters – true story, good ending!


Our wonderful and loving hosts, also parents to be approximately on July 2, 2008! 


Just before we had to say goodbye.


Pizza stop on the way home – thanks to Ben who found it for us online so we could call 20 miles ahead, order it and just pick it up to save time. Ben – you’re still doing a great job as best man! 🙂


Check out the trip odometer – from the gas station in Orlando where we filled up to inside our garage – we found out we are definitely troopers and minus 2 hour traffic delays we love to be on the road. Hope to do some more roadtrips in the future – watch out, we may be heading toward you!



  1. I love this post!!! But you now call Ben to order pizza ahead of time for you?? Tori, I thought that was a me and you thing?!!? J/K I’m glad you guys had such a great time. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I love this post! We were thrilled to have you come. We are so glad you are road warriors who braved the elements to come grace us with your company. Love you both.

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