Posted by: theNuetzels | March 3, 2008


Mini  The Indianapolis Min-Marathon is a half marathon (13.1 miles) and my goal is to run the WHOLE thing! I don’t claim to be a runner, I claim to be an athlete who is now trying to enjoy running instead of looking it as punishment which is what all my former coaches used it as during practices. Two weeks ago I ran 5 miles as part of the training program I am on through Mt. Pleasant’s MTF (More Than Finishing). My husband and big brother rode bikes ahead and stopped and would hold out water for me to drink along the way. This was only the 2nd time in my life that I ran 5 miles without stopping (excpet for some quick drinks). This past Saturday along with my MTF gang I ran 6 miles, stopping only once at 3 miles for a quick water break. This was a personal record for me and I was on a high all day about it. I told pretty much everyone I met that I had run 6 miles that morning. It was awesome to set a goal and push myself to the limit and accomplsih it. Andy was ready for the clock to strike midnight so I could stop using the 6 miles run as an excuse to do anything else that day. So far, I’m very much enjoying this new running hobby. This Saturday I’m scheduled to run 7 miles – a bit intimidating for me but again, I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ll keep you posted on how everything is going. May 3rd is the big day and I hope to be ready for it!



  1. YOU GO RUNNER GIRL!!! Good for you…I love that you used running 6 miles as an excuse all day. Andy, just wait ’til she runs 13…then you’ll really hear it! 🙂

  2. To encourage you as you train for the marathon, I think you should go to this link

    Let me know what you think!

    Love, Jenn 🙂

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