Posted by: theNuetzels | April 1, 2008

The Weekend (andy version)

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but I’d love to tell ya about my weekend.

Friday Night I got to hand out with Dan Dark and Spencer.  Spence and I put together Dan’s new Ikea stuff.  He got a sweet bookshelf that I got to put together (and Spence fixed after I put it together wrong).

Saturday Morning I slept in, and then woke up and headed up to Chicago.  I went and visited my buddies Matt and Sharon Tebbe.  Matt is my former youth pastor, and Sharon is his wife.  (They are expecting a lil baby boy in August!)  On Saturday when I arrived we put together a new TV stand for their TV.  I once again screwed up one of the first steps so Matt and I pulled it apart.  (Funny thing is, Sharon woulda whooped Matt’s butt in any sort of put together furniture contest.)  It took about 2 and 1/2 hours because we caught up and talked.  We had spaghetti for dinner and then played some cards.  (Sharon and I won.  Matt was the Dulrock – Russian for Big Loser). 

 Sunday we got up and went to their Church, Life on the Vine.  It’s a pretty cool church.  They incorporate a large group of the believers in putting on the service, the seating is in a giant circle, and the liturgy allows for reflection.  I enjoyed it a lot.  After church we went and picked up pizza.  Matt and Sharon hosted a group of chuch members over and had a meeting on ‘how to live missionally and communally.  It was a good conversation, and it was interesting for me.  One question raised was, how can we be the body of Christ to one another when we live 15 minutes away and can’t physically be there for a need, or for a whim?  They also have a difficult context to minister in, as it is one of the more affluent areas around Chicago.  Afterwards I joined David, the chaplain at Trinity as we went to a meeting for the Josiah Community.  It was interesting to see and be a part of.  They want to take a giant warehouse, convert it into green cohousing condos and build a presence in the neighborhood.

That night I went back and ate dinner with the Tebbes.  We had some good food from Farqbads or something like that.  We watched an episode of the office and then I stayed up and watched 2 discs worth of episodes by myself.

Monday – Slept in, went to the library and then went to Ginos’ East for Lunch.  I met another pastor at Matt’s church than drove down to Schaumburg to return something to Ikea.  That store is huge, and pretty amazing.  Afterwards I went to Evanston to join a community potluck with the nice people of Patch house at Reba Place Fellowship, another intentional community in Chicago.  My plans for the weekend were to hang out with the Tebbes and learn more about what this Intentional Christian Community is all about that I hear in Shane Claiborne’s books.  (I just read Jesus for President, and I liked it.)

Now I am home and am working on cleaning my car, the garage, and assembling a new bookshelf.


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