Posted by: theNuetzels | May 5, 2008

Big Weekend!

This past weekend was a pretty huge weekend for both Andy and I, one that we have been anticipating for quite some time for two different reasons. One of them being the mini-marathon that I have been training for since January. The second being Andy’s official resignation of his youth pastor position at our church as he will be returning to school in the fall to be a high school Physics teacher. God blessed us with having both our parents at both events.

The mini was…amazing! How can I describe it other than a rambling of thoughts as I ran for a little less than 3 hours starting in the very last corral of the race…Z.  Here’s a few bit and pieces for you:

Getting into my gate seeing 3 guys with a sign saying “The back of the race”…stay away from those guys! Running amidst 1,000s of walkers made me feel pretty good…getting passed by walkers further in the race…not so good…having to wait 6 minutes to go potty not so good…having perfect strangers encourage me and cheer for me…great!  seeing Indy governor Mitch Daniels cheering for us pretty nice…having a 9 year old boy pass me not so nice…watching couples and groups of friends walk/run together very sweet, running “by myself” amidst 1,000s of other people not so sweet, being able to pray and just think for a good 3 hours uninterrupted except by some physical pain pretty relaxing, pounding on my body for a good 3 hours not so relaxing, seeing my friends Matt and Danika 3 times throughout the race pretty neat, seeing my husband, mom, dad, sister, mother and father in law at the end of the race with roses and flowers and smiles on their faces and arms waiting to hug me…priceless! I was so emotional afterwards that I sobbed pretty good. I’m not sure if it was the anticipation for all these months and then it finally being over, the physical exhaustion or just the overwhelming evidence of God’s blessings in my life that He gave me a healthy body that is able to do more than I ever imagined and then having such loving people come and cheer me on but I know I am blessed! And also a bit sore today! 🙂 I’ll post some pictures as soon as I find the cord to hook up the camera to the computer…

On Sunday, Andy’s shared his testimony with the church about where He feels God is calling Him now and made his resignation public with the whole body – the elders and leaders and all his kids already knew b/c he called them Friday and Saturday to tell them personally. It went very well I guess. We all put hands on him and prayed for him and his future and also for the new person God will lead to now lead the youth. Andy will still work with the youth until August when school starts. Hopefully he will be posting more on his journey and stuff soon. Sorry it’s been so long since a post – we’ll try and get better!




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