Posted by: theNuetzels | May 12, 2008

New Trees

Wanted to share that of course while my dad was here on a Saturday (aka work day) work had to be done, mini-marathon or not so the Andy’s went out and planted 3 new trees in our yard. Andy received these for free because of Earth Day at the local community center. Mom of course helped us figure out where they should be planted and the two guys got to work.

Yep – it’s just a little guy but someday this birch tree could be third base for a great neighborhood game of baseball in the backyard – thanks for the vision casting mom! 🙂

They may be hard oak trees to see now but I’m banking on them holding me up on my hammock when I’m old so let’s hope they start growing! 

In other yard news…Andy and I (mostly Andy) are starting to garden this spring/summer. Andy’s in charge of the vegetable garden we’re putting in on the side of the house and I’m in charge of the flower garden we’re constructing in the back of the house. We’re learning a lot about gardening and can’t wait to watch things grow! Andy is very excited about the idea that we can plant stuff, watch it grow, then eat it! I’m excited to have flowers right outside our bedroom window to look at in the mornings when I wake up in the summer. We’ll take some pictures when we’re a little further along.



  1. LOL…I know a lot of trees who list their occupation as a third base.

  2. I love the pic of you two holding hands by the little tree… so special :o)

  3. vegetables and flowers! you two are impressive with your green thumbs. Love you.

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