Posted by: theNuetzels | May 12, 2008

Picture Time

Happy Mother’s Day! We spent the day at Andy’s parents celebrating with his mom and her side of the family. Jane’s mom was there and all her 4 siblings to celebrate with Grandma Mary. It was fun to be around extended family once again. I got to spend some of the time hanging out and playing with this little cutie, Malachi, who is absolutely adorable and very fun!

Here’s Andy and his mom, Jane this afternoon:

I’m looking forward to going home next weekend to see my mom and be with all my siblings to celebrate Mother’s Day a week late! 🙂

And now…the awaited mini-marathon pictures:

See if you can find me in these pictures – it should be a but easier b/c I’ve zoomed them in a bit from their originals. My cheering section was plum-tuckered out after searching and scanning the crowds of runners for 45 minutes hoping not to miss me. They did a great job of finally finding me!

Almost there…

And finally…DONE!


I balled my eyes out when I saw Andy and family. He gave me a huge hug and I felt…blessed! I was drenched in sweat even though it was in the 60’s and everyone else had long sleeves and jeans on and I was in a tank top and shorts…guess running 13 miles will do that to a person.







He kissed me even though I had salt deposits all over my face from dried up sweat…yummy!

What great and supportive families I have!  🙂

What an amazing and fun experience. Hopefully next year some of the people in these pictures will be alongside me (Andy + mom!). Dad has assured me he’s in for the 5k (3m) and the thing is, I’d rather run/walk this thing with Andy and mom then run it by myself again! We’ll see what happens for next year!



  1. AWWW the picture or you and Andy is adorable because its obvious you were crying and he is right there supporting you through all the emotions and adrenaline and confusion among 1,000s of people. What a precious picture! I am so proud of you Tor!

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