Posted by: theNuetzels | May 21, 2008

Going back home

This past weekend I was able to head home to Sterling to gather with the original (plus Nate) Pitsch family. It was very fun to all be home together for the first time in about a year but there was also a void as Andy, Amy and her soon to be little Emelyn weren’t there with us. We had fun and caught up on lots of things going on in each other lives – Ethan’s business growth, Jen and Nate’s Bible Study,  Whitney’s college/career plans and also how Andy and I will be adjusting this next year with him going back to school full-time. It was the last visit home for us all before the first grandbaby will arrive for mom and dad and all of us sisters will become Aunts! 🙂 It’s awesome that although we aren’t in each other’s daily activities we can join together every once in awhile and pick up right where we left off. Here’s some pictures:

My Grandma and Grandpa Johnson even made it over for the gathering.

This is the infamous chair that the birthday person or whoever we’re celebrating sits in and since we were celebrating Mother’s Day a week late mom got to sit in it. The funny thing is – we haven’t all gathered around it for a Mother’s Day picture in quite a long time so it was fun to kinda re-live this memory.

Another awesome part about going home was that I got to see Johnna and her two adorable little girls, Madie and Ana. Madie was more social than ever before and not only plays with me but knows and says my name (which I LOVE!) and Ana looks much bigger! It was great to be with Johnna again just to talk and enjoy her company. Unfortunatley Andy and Derek weren’t around but maybe that’s what made the time with Johnna seem really special because we don’t get girl time too much (even though we both love our husbands dearly sometimes you just need some girl time, you know?!?!).

Yeah, so my parents now both wear reading glasses and they apparently are embracing the whole aging thing because they now have a remote the size of an average chapter book which, as you can see, is bigger than my head! We never know what to expect next with them! 



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