Posted by: theNuetzels | June 15, 2008

Long Time No See

 It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a real post, so I am going to scamble a whole lot of events together in one.  We’ll start with a picture of our front yard a few months ago, at the onset of spring.  Part of our good friend Jaime’s wedding present were some beautiful tulips, that keep returning!  Here they are now

               The next thing that happened this Spring is I got to do some Wood-working.  After buying a crappy messed up bookshelf from Target, I got frustrated, returned it, and went to work on my own.  In a mere 4 weeks and $50 more than the Target version, I had my bookshelf complete [thanks in part to Sister Jen giving me secret blueprints of Nate’s shelf.]  I finished and stained it and then Tori and I added our books to it. [She gets the left side top and bottom, and the right middle.]  Here it is.


Attaching the Front pieces

Finished Project


               Continuing right along on what’s been going on around the house, over Memorial Day Weekend my parents and Aunt Linda and Uncle Lou surprised us by coming over to help work on projects around the house.  My uncle is an electrician and he and my dad went to work installing new lights in our kitchen.  Tori went off for a run, and when she returned, found my mom weeding the bed in the front of our house, and my aunt Linda running the Lawnmower while I raked up those little Helicopter seeds.  The whole day we worked and got a whole lot accomplished.  Here’s some pictures.

Measuring out the Spots


Al helping catch attic insulation.



The Finished Project


Jane Sweeping Up

               I also have decided to make a garden this year.  It has been dubbed the Salsa garden, as it pretty much is just peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley and basel.  I get so excited when I go out and check on my one tomato.  Tori thinks I am impatient, and I am.  But I think gardening could be a good discipline for me.  I can’t wait to eat that tomato.  Tori also has a small garden behind our bedroom window.  The problem is that it is pretty much all shade, so not to many ‘exciting’ flowers can grow, but it’s nice.

The “Salsa Garden”



“The Shade Garden”

               The last thing that I wanted to share about was the flooding.  Apparently Indiana and Iowa are the floodzone capitals of the world these days.  Last Saturday Tori and I headed off to work in the morning, at the onset of the flooding rains.  Mostly everything south of us was damaged pretty badly.  The whole bottom part of the state was submerged, and in our neighborhood the streets were pretty near full of water.  Here’s a picture of the river that formed in our backyard. 

Early stage of Backyard River Flooding

               So that’s whats up, except Monday I leave for a camping trip with three of the Sr. High Guys from CCML, which I am really looking forward to.  We are having a ‘Wild At Heart’ week, and I got a slingshot just in case…




  1. I love the salsa garden…what a great idea! Hope you had a good time camping…Tori was telling me all about the plans for it and it sounded like a great guy-bonding experience!

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