Posted by: theNuetzels | June 28, 2008

Life on the Vine

So here’s a little update about what’s going on around our home….

We’ll start with the Garden Update, as things are heating up and growing around there…

Compare to 3 weeks ago and you’d be amazed…


Here is our lovely sweet Tequila Sunrise pepper.  This bad boy just sprung up outta nowhere.  I just noticed him today and he’s HUGE.  This plant is supposed to have a very large yield.


While the other pepper is doing well, I am afraid that the Sweet Bell Peppers are taking there sweet time.  Unfortunately this is the largest lil fella I got right now…


The Cherry Tomatoes, after a slow start, seem to be doing well….


And this is Big Papa, the longest growin tomater in the whole garden.  He’s probably gonna change colors soon…


Here we have Tori’s garden behind our bedroom window…


And here’s the beauty hiding in the clothesline.  


And here is me and the lovely birch that was just up to my waist a few weeks ago…


So this is some of the stuff that is growin around here, and I hope you enjoyed the posts.  I’ll be sure to update in the next week how my teaching classes are going…  We are psyched up for next weekend when Nate Dawg, Grandma Jen, Whitster and Adam come join us for the Weekend.  Maybe after this weekend Adam will earn a cool nickname, but we’ll see….



  1. Your garden looks fabulous! Great pics!

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