Posted by: theNuetzels | July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

My two sisters and their respective men came down to Indy for the weekend and what a fun weekend we had! They got here Friday evening and beat Andy and I home from work. Some of them enjoyed a quick nap before dinner and then off to downtown for some fireworks.

Here are my two lovely sisters and I. We enjoyed the cooler weather so we could snuggle up with our guys!

We enjoyed getting to know Adam more and Andy had his eye on him the whole weekend to see if he’d pass the test of being Whitney’s boyfriend.

Al and Jane were able to join in with us on the fun downtown.

Me and my handsome hubby while Nate joined snuck in the background so he could get tagged!

Saturday we spent some time helping some friends from our small group move into their new house, swam at the Nuetzel’s pool and also hopped in their hot tub after we got a little cold from the pool and then headed back for showers and clean-up before going out to dinner at Chicago’s Pizza. What better way to make use of the time we all waited for everyone to take showers but play some Ticket to Ride! Andy was impressed at how fast Adam picked up the game and I think he got some points in Andy’s book for that! We also used this time to check up on Ethan’s website on our little niece, Emelyn who is so precious!



  1. Looks like Andy hogged the black train again…

  2. What a GREAT weekend!! I love the pictures 🙂

  3. Tori, I am glad to see that you have lost that husband of your in favor of a guy with a nice respectable haircut… Madison might even like this guy. Unfortunately judging by the board in the bottom picture he is no better at Trains than Andy was. Pity.

    P.S. – Taunting you on your own site is really quite satisfying on a whole new level!

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