Posted by: theNuetzels | August 25, 2008

Houseboat Trip 2008

Here’s the crew from our boat this year…Nate & Christi Holmes, dad & mom, Andy & I, Adam & Whitney, Brad & Patti Starr, Adam & Sarah Pedersen. We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer. Christi & Nate brought their two jetskis so we had a ton of fun zipping around on those and even pulling skiers behind the jetski! Brad & Patti put on a show with their skiiing skills as did Nate and both Adams who had their skiing debuts on this trip! Christi, Whitney and I enjoyed skiing as well and I guess Andy liked it too…(physco skiier!) Andy taught me how to drop one ski and ski on one foot, I only got slightly hurt! Because of the shortness of the trip (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) we didn’t play many games but instead really enjoyed being on the water a lot. There were two other boats with us one including lots of Andy’s family and extended family and the other one mostly his brother’s friends so we had a nice big group once we all got together. Andy’s dad brought his two kayacks so everyone enjoyed a mroe peaceful way of being out on the water as well. Hopefully when I get more pictures from people I will put some more up here. It was GREAT to see the Starrs and Holmes again and I guess I could safely say that it was a fun visit! 🙂


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