Posted by: theNuetzels | September 12, 2008

Fun, Wet and Muddy!

Andy's feet after the game

Andy's feet after the game

 Last night we had a blast playing in the championship game of our sand volleyball league. It was a rainy day and we got to play in the rain and get real dirty. Unfortunately Cousin Abby wasn’t able to make the game and one of our other players, James, twisted his knee during the beginning of the 1st game so it was just the three of us, Andy, Angie and me, that played against 4 on the other team. The dreaded “blue” team is the only team that beat us throughout the season, twice. Both previous matches against them were so close, we play total points after 3 games wins and we were only down 1 point the 1st time we played them and 2 points the last time we played. Last night wasn’t quite as close, 18-21, 14-21, 19-21 so we lost but we played hard and had a blast! Hopefully we can play again together next year! I wanted to get a team picture all summer and we finally took it last night but Abby’s not in it…

Gathering for a team picture (missing Abby!) around James


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