Posted by: theNuetzels | October 16, 2008

Scripture in relationship to government

We had a great sermon last Sunday from Pastor Paul and wanted to share the main points:

Here are four things scripture addresses regarding our relationship to government:

*  1 Timothy 2 says that we should pray for Kings and all those in authority.

*  Romans 13 says that government is ordained by God because it is established by God.

*  Titus 3 says that we are to be subject to rulers and authorities, obedient, peaceable, considerate and show true humility toward all men.

*  Acts 5:27-29 says that we are always to obey God’s laws over man’s laws if they are ever in conflict.

We are to pledge our first allegiance to Christ because we are citizens of the Kingdom of God and belong to the body of Christ first and foremost as believers. We have a King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords and some day all nations and governments will bow before Jesus Christ when he returns. Our primary identity as a Christian comes BEFORE our identity as an American. We are NOT American’s that happen to be Christians, we are Christians that happen to be Americans.

Andy and I really enjoyed this teaching and the peace of knowing that Christ is our head and we are so grateful for that. Both Obama and John are imperfect human beings that sin and neither one of them is going to make this nation or the world perfect as they like to think they will. Only Christ can truly transform not only each and every individual but nations and governments. This sermon was first in a series of three, this Sunday the sermon is called “Democrat…Republican…or Christian? and the last one is called “What If Jesus Were President?” which is also a book by Shane Clayborn that Andy has read and now our pastor is reading.

I just find so much comfort knowing that God already knows who will win this election and what the future holds because HE is already there. Gotta love that. God bless you.


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