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Houseboat Trip 2008

Here’s the crew from our boat this year…Nate & Christi Holmes, dad & mom, Andy & I, Adam & Whitney, Brad & Patti Starr, Adam & Sarah Pedersen. We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer. Christi & Nate brought their two jetskis so we had a ton of fun zipping around on those and even pulling skiers behind the jetski! Brad & Patti put on a show with their skiiing skills as did Nate and both Adams who had their skiing debuts on this trip! Christi, Whitney and I enjoyed skiing as well and I guess Andy liked it too…(physco skiier!) Andy taught me how to drop one ski and ski on one foot, I only got slightly hurt! Because of the shortness of the trip (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) we didn’t play many games but instead really enjoyed being on the water a lot. There were two other boats with us one including lots of Andy’s family and extended family and the other one mostly his brother’s friends so we had a nice big group once we all got together. Andy’s dad brought his two kayacks so everyone enjoyed a mroe peaceful way of being out on the water as well. Hopefully when I get more pictures from people I will put some more up here. It was GREAT to see the Starrs and Holmes again and I guess I could safely say that it was a fun visit! 🙂

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Pitsch family reunion…finally posting again!

Sorry, it’s been awhile. August has been a great and CRAZY month so far! In early August we attended the Pitsch family reunion which was AWESOME and held at my parents house for the 1st time ever. My dad comes from a 10 child family and 7 of them and their families were represented. It was the first year without both Grandma and Grandpa but we were able to gather and celebrate all the life that they created by their wonderful lives and marriage together for over 50 years! Here’s some pictures:

First to arrive, Mary, Kyla and Scott

First to arrive, Mary, Kyla and Scott


Marsha & Chris with Madeline & Owen

Marsha & Chris with Madeline & Owen


John, Jeannie, Alex and her bf, Pat

John, Jeannie, Alex and her bf, Pat

Nick, Angela, Sandy & Donell

Nick, Angela, Sandy & Donell

Eva, Amelia & Jerry, where are Maria & Sheena?

Eva, Amelia & Jerry, where are Maria & Sheena?

Mike and Dee

Mike and Dee

And then us...we missed Ethan, Amy & Emelyn!

And then us...we missed Ethan, Amy & Emelyn!

Somehow Aunt Barb & Aunt Sara with Lauren and Conner escaped the camera for their individual shots but here’s the whole gang:

Blue = child, white = grandchild, gray = great-grandchild

Blue = child, white = grandchild, gray = great-grandchild

I’d love to put some more up but not sure how many one post will hold. Stay tuned for some more updates including houseboat trip, Andy’s thriving garden, my new job, and Andy’s birthday…

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4th of July encore

Just some more pictures from the weekend of our Mini-Golf outting that I never got to post. We had a great time and lots of laughs as we all enjoyed being the center of laughter at one hole or another.

And then here’s us at church on Sunday morning being able to worship together before they had to take off to head back home to Illinois.

Can’t wait to have them all down again! 🙂

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Emelyn Grace

I have been blessed by spending the last 3 days here at my brother’s house meeting and spending time with my little niece, Emelyn who is absolutely adorable! My mom is here as well and we’ve been getting to help around the house, help hold the baby, and spend time with Ethan and Amy. It has been awesome and here’s some pictures that have captured some precious and/or funny moments.

See, we did put her down sometimes! Look at all her little friends ready to play with her already! 🙂

What an awesome mommy and baby! 🙂 It has been priceless to be here during this time in Ethan, Amy and Emelyn’s lives! Thank you to my wonderful husband who encouraged me to go and found a great deal on a flight – I love you and I’ll see you at home late tonight!

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4th of July Weekend

My two sisters and their respective men came down to Indy for the weekend and what a fun weekend we had! They got here Friday evening and beat Andy and I home from work. Some of them enjoyed a quick nap before dinner and then off to downtown for some fireworks.

Here are my two lovely sisters and I. We enjoyed the cooler weather so we could snuggle up with our guys!

We enjoyed getting to know Adam more and Andy had his eye on him the whole weekend to see if he’d pass the test of being Whitney’s boyfriend.

Al and Jane were able to join in with us on the fun downtown.

Me and my handsome hubby while Nate joined snuck in the background so he could get tagged!

Saturday we spent some time helping some friends from our small group move into their new house, swam at the Nuetzel’s pool and also hopped in their hot tub after we got a little cold from the pool and then headed back for showers and clean-up before going out to dinner at Chicago’s Pizza. What better way to make use of the time we all waited for everyone to take showers but play some Ticket to Ride! Andy was impressed at how fast Adam picked up the game and I think he got some points in Andy’s book for that! We also used this time to check up on Ethan’s website on our little niece, Emelyn who is so precious!

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Life on the Vine

So here’s a little update about what’s going on around our home….

We’ll start with the Garden Update, as things are heating up and growing around there…

Compare to 3 weeks ago and you’d be amazed…


Here is our lovely sweet Tequila Sunrise pepper.  This bad boy just sprung up outta nowhere.  I just noticed him today and he’s HUGE.  This plant is supposed to have a very large yield.


While the other pepper is doing well, I am afraid that the Sweet Bell Peppers are taking there sweet time.  Unfortunately this is the largest lil fella I got right now…


The Cherry Tomatoes, after a slow start, seem to be doing well….


And this is Big Papa, the longest growin tomater in the whole garden.  He’s probably gonna change colors soon…


Here we have Tori’s garden behind our bedroom window…


And here’s the beauty hiding in the clothesline.  


And here is me and the lovely birch that was just up to my waist a few weeks ago…


So this is some of the stuff that is growin around here, and I hope you enjoyed the posts.  I’ll be sure to update in the next week how my teaching classes are going…  We are psyched up for next weekend when Nate Dawg, Grandma Jen, Whitster and Adam come join us for the Weekend.  Maybe after this weekend Adam will earn a cool nickname, but we’ll see….

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He makes me to lie down in green pastures.

Psalm 23:2

Wanted to share what I just read from Max Lucado’s “Traveling Light” in regards to the verse above:

“Green pastures were not the natural terrain of Judea. The hills around Bethlehem where David kept his flock were not lush and green. Even today they are white and parched. Any green pasture in Judea is the work of some shepherd. He has cleared the rough, rocky land. Stumps have been torn out, and brush has been burned. Irrigation. Cultivation. Such are the work of a shepherd.

Hence, when David says, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures,” he is saying, “My shepherd makes me lie down in his finished work.” With his own pierced hands, Jesus created a pasture for the soul. He tore out the thorny underbrush of condemnation. He pried loose the huge boulders of sin. In their place he planted seeds of grace and dug ponds of mercy. 

And he invited us to rest there. Can you imagine the satisfaction in the heart of the shepherd when, with work completed, he sees his sheep rest in the tender grass? Can you imagine the satisfaction in the heart of God when we do the same? His pasture is his gift to us. This is not a pasture that you have made. Nor is it a pasture that you deserve. It is a gift of God. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God” Ephesians 2:8

This got me thinking about resting in God and his grace and having a Sabbath…

Honoring the Sabbath is something I feel like I have never fully understood and have always struggled with. In school I always did my homework on Sunday nights, in college I worked on many Sundays and never had a day of rest. When I wasn’t at class I was at work and visa versa. I realize the Sabbath doesn’t have to be on Sunday but most Christians would assume that is their Sabbath because they go to church and worship God on that day. Do I actually have a Sabbath? What is the Sabbath supposed to be and look like?

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, not your maidservant, not your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.” Exodus 20:8-11

It’s been pointed out that God used the most space in communicating this Commandment – why do you think that is? Because it’s so hard for us to follow and we’d probably be thinking that if we couldn’t do work then we’d get someone else to do it so that the day could still be productive. He’s pretty much addressing everyone not to work on the Sabbath. Why is this Commandment so hard for me to follow? It bothers me that it is spoken so plainly and yet I make it so complicated and unable to happen. My prayer is that I would start to honor the Sabbath. That I would set it apart from the other 6 days, whatever day of the week it ends up to be. That I would truly set apart one day a week and give it all to God, to worship Him, learn more about Him, pray to Him and let Him have a chance to really get a hold of me and transform me. That I would make a commitment to Him and nobody or nothing else for one day a week, each week. He hasn’t commanded this to harm me but to help me. I will just have to work extra hard on the six other days to make sure I can have a day to set aside for Him. Any ideas on what you do on the Sabbath to help you set it apart and keep it holy?


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Long Time No See

 It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a real post, so I am going to scamble a whole lot of events together in one.  We’ll start with a picture of our front yard a few months ago, at the onset of spring.  Part of our good friend Jaime’s wedding present were some beautiful tulips, that keep returning!  Here they are now

               The next thing that happened this Spring is I got to do some Wood-working.  After buying a crappy messed up bookshelf from Target, I got frustrated, returned it, and went to work on my own.  In a mere 4 weeks and $50 more than the Target version, I had my bookshelf complete [thanks in part to Sister Jen giving me secret blueprints of Nate’s shelf.]  I finished and stained it and then Tori and I added our books to it. [She gets the left side top and bottom, and the right middle.]  Here it is.


Attaching the Front pieces

Finished Project


               Continuing right along on what’s been going on around the house, over Memorial Day Weekend my parents and Aunt Linda and Uncle Lou surprised us by coming over to help work on projects around the house.  My uncle is an electrician and he and my dad went to work installing new lights in our kitchen.  Tori went off for a run, and when she returned, found my mom weeding the bed in the front of our house, and my aunt Linda running the Lawnmower while I raked up those little Helicopter seeds.  The whole day we worked and got a whole lot accomplished.  Here’s some pictures.

Measuring out the Spots


Al helping catch attic insulation.



The Finished Project


Jane Sweeping Up

               I also have decided to make a garden this year.  It has been dubbed the Salsa garden, as it pretty much is just peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley and basel.  I get so excited when I go out and check on my one tomato.  Tori thinks I am impatient, and I am.  But I think gardening could be a good discipline for me.  I can’t wait to eat that tomato.  Tori also has a small garden behind our bedroom window.  The problem is that it is pretty much all shade, so not to many ‘exciting’ flowers can grow, but it’s nice.

The “Salsa Garden”



“The Shade Garden”

               The last thing that I wanted to share about was the flooding.  Apparently Indiana and Iowa are the floodzone capitals of the world these days.  Last Saturday Tori and I headed off to work in the morning, at the onset of the flooding rains.  Mostly everything south of us was damaged pretty badly.  The whole bottom part of the state was submerged, and in our neighborhood the streets were pretty near full of water.  Here’s a picture of the river that formed in our backyard. 

Early stage of Backyard River Flooding

               So that’s whats up, except Monday I leave for a camping trip with three of the Sr. High Guys from CCML, which I am really looking forward to.  We are having a ‘Wild At Heart’ week, and I got a slingshot just in case…


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Going back home

This past weekend I was able to head home to Sterling to gather with the original (plus Nate) Pitsch family. It was very fun to all be home together for the first time in about a year but there was also a void as Andy, Amy and her soon to be little Emelyn weren’t there with us. We had fun and caught up on lots of things going on in each other lives – Ethan’s business growth, Jen and Nate’s Bible Study,  Whitney’s college/career plans and also how Andy and I will be adjusting this next year with him going back to school full-time. It was the last visit home for us all before the first grandbaby will arrive for mom and dad and all of us sisters will become Aunts! 🙂 It’s awesome that although we aren’t in each other’s daily activities we can join together every once in awhile and pick up right where we left off. Here’s some pictures:

My Grandma and Grandpa Johnson even made it over for the gathering.

This is the infamous chair that the birthday person or whoever we’re celebrating sits in and since we were celebrating Mother’s Day a week late mom got to sit in it. The funny thing is – we haven’t all gathered around it for a Mother’s Day picture in quite a long time so it was fun to kinda re-live this memory.

Another awesome part about going home was that I got to see Johnna and her two adorable little girls, Madie and Ana. Madie was more social than ever before and not only plays with me but knows and says my name (which I LOVE!) and Ana looks much bigger! It was great to be with Johnna again just to talk and enjoy her company. Unfortunatley Andy and Derek weren’t around but maybe that’s what made the time with Johnna seem really special because we don’t get girl time too much (even though we both love our husbands dearly sometimes you just need some girl time, you know?!?!).

Yeah, so my parents now both wear reading glasses and they apparently are embracing the whole aging thing because they now have a remote the size of an average chapter book which, as you can see, is bigger than my head! We never know what to expect next with them! 


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New Trees

Wanted to share that of course while my dad was here on a Saturday (aka work day) work had to be done, mini-marathon or not so the Andy’s went out and planted 3 new trees in our yard. Andy received these for free because of Earth Day at the local community center. Mom of course helped us figure out where they should be planted and the two guys got to work.

Yep – it’s just a little guy but someday this birch tree could be third base for a great neighborhood game of baseball in the backyard – thanks for the vision casting mom! 🙂

They may be hard oak trees to see now but I’m banking on them holding me up on my hammock when I’m old so let’s hope they start growing! 

In other yard news…Andy and I (mostly Andy) are starting to garden this spring/summer. Andy’s in charge of the vegetable garden we’re putting in on the side of the house and I’m in charge of the flower garden we’re constructing in the back of the house. We’re learning a lot about gardening and can’t wait to watch things grow! Andy is very excited about the idea that we can plant stuff, watch it grow, then eat it! I’m excited to have flowers right outside our bedroom window to look at in the mornings when I wake up in the summer. We’ll take some pictures when we’re a little further along.

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